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Voice Recognition Coming to Control4 Systems

Now, I know what you are thinking; that voice recognition is like when you tried it on your computer some time back and had to say the same thing over and eventually it would recognise what you said, or trying to call the office from your voice command phone whilst driving down the motorway and it called your Mother instead (whilst on hands-free of course!) This isn’t necessarily the case now with modern technology and Avoca seem to have cracked this nut. In fact Avoca are going for the long shot and interfacing their voice recognition technology with Control4 systems.


This is extremely exciting news for both us in the custom install business and the end user. This could be the begining of a truly smart home! But, before getting too excited there are still some things that limit this technology from being a seamless voice recognition system. Namely that you have to talk to a portable device. So you pick up a little gizmo, press a button and talk to it, just like Scotty tried to talk to the computer in Star Trek IV. Not exactly how we at Nirvana Audio Visual would like it, but it is still a fantastic start. The voice can be heard from an Avoca wireless touch screen, but you still have to hold the touch screen and push a button. It is nearly there but we think it still has some maturing to do before you can simply walk into a room and command it.


We aren’t jumping at this just yet, but we are keeping a very keen eye on it’s development over the coming months as we think this could be the start of a new era of smart homes. But for it to really hit our sweet spot we want to simply walk into a room and talk to it, without the picking up of the touch screen and pressing a button.


Watch the video here.


Let us know what you think!

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Sonos – Controller for Android released today.

Sonos have finally released their controller for Android. Now you can control your Sonos players with any Android device. Check out this page for download and details.

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